Fresh Oysters for pick-up

Every Thursday 4pm-9pm at Duffy’s Irish Pub

( You can also eat them at Duffy’s but you have to shuck yourself )


Each Oyster is spawned in the hatchery, raised in the nursery, grown at the local oyster grounds and delivered locally by the Sapidus team. The oysters that you order will be pulled from the water the morning of the pick-up to ensure that they are at their happiest! By selecting local pick-up you can order a minimum of 25.


Oyster 2

How it works: Order from SAPIDUS FARMS on-line.  Pick your date and pick-up from Duffy’s Irish Pub at 1016 H Street NE Washington DC 

Happy Oyster Highlights:
•Our Oyster Farm filters 9.61 Billion Gallons of Water per Week
•A Single Happy Oyster cleans 50 Gallons of Water per Day
•We let Wild Oysters be Wild – We only pull oysters that we put out
•Only Cage Culture practices are used as not to disturb the Sea Grasses
•Our Oysters are Available for Sale Year Round

Flavor Profile:
Our Happy Oysters are Sweet on the upfront & Salt on the back end.
Happy Oysters are most often described as “clean” “sweet” “fat” “smooth” “plump”
Salinity varies from 12-18ppt

Oyster Mike


“Oyster Mike” graduated from River Hill High School in Howard County Maryland and then went on to earn a BA in Political Science from University of Maryland College Park and a
MA in Teaching from Towson State University. After graduating from Towson he worked as a social studies teacher in Calvert County, Maryland. During his first year of teaching he visited the Northern Neck, fell in love with the area, and started an oyster garden.

Fast forward 10 years, Mike currently cares for over 3 million Happy Oysters from the time they are eyed larvae until he delivers them to restaurants and individuals. 


How to shuck an oyster by Duffy’s Irish Pub ( highly unrecommended but it might work) 

  1. Stick a sharp object into the butt “ish” of the oyster
  2. Probe around a little bit until you twiddle your way in
  3. Give it a twist until the Oyster submits to separate
  4. Scrape the top and bottom with the sharp object
  5. Flip the part of meat you want to eat without spilling any juice
  6. Add whatever sauce or juice you think you need ( Happy Oysters do not need sauce)
  7. Slurp it in without regard to table manners because you are at home or at Duffy’s
  8. Drink another Duffy’s Stout