magicicada septemdicem close up photo

Drinking with Cicadas

Duffy’s offers a once in 17 year opportunity to have a pint surrounded by Brood X Cicadas

(Duffy’s offers no guarantee of cicadas but is does seem likely)

Sing along with the Cicada Mating Call

Occasionally share your pint with a 17 year old bug

Pet them when they land on your shoulder

Capture once in a lifetime selfies with Brood X 2021

Watch Brood X 2038 being made

“This is a real treat. This is an unusual biological phenomenon. Periodical cicadas only occur in the eastern United States; they don’t occur anywhere else in the world, It’s just going to be an amazingly big, big show.” – entomologist Eric Day of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University via CNN

Duffy’s is not responsible for cicada behavior to include but not limited to: Being loud and annoying, drunken karaoke singing to get a mate,  trying to eat your food or drink, drowning in your beer, landing on your shoulder and giving you a funny look, mating in front you or your table, cicada nudity, hitting on or hitting your date, mate or spouse, fly by ear penetration attempts ,and generally being total @ holes.