Duffy’s Signature Bloody Mary

Duffy’s Unpretentious Brunch

…you can show up in your pajamas 

Saturdays: 12pm -2pm

Sundays 12pm -2pm

Featured Brunch Items:

Irish Breakfast Burrito – slow cooked corned beef, scrambled eggs, cheese, fresh house made salsa and more…

Bacon, Egg and Cheese on Texas Toast – One huge breakfast sandwich

Irish Corned Beef Hash – slow cooked corned beef mixed with our own recipe of potatoes and spices

Breakfast Burger  Challenge- Fresh hand made 8 oz ground chuck cooked to order topped with bacon, egg, and cheddar and served with our signature corned beef hash on the side

Breakfast Veggie Burger -Our vegan burger patty served open on a slice of Texas Toast, topped w/avocado, fried egg, and diced tomato; served with your choice of side

Great Big French Toast – Two slices of Texas Toast dredged in vanilla egg batter, grilled up and served with organic maple syrup

Big Ass Plate O’ Bacon – huge plate of crispy bacon for the entire table

Breakfast Tots – perfectly fried tots with bacon and cheese


Featured Brunch Drinks:

Irish Coffee & Iced Irish Coffee

Duffy’s Signature Bloody Mary or Bloody Molly


Cider Mimosa

Imperial Pints of Guinness ( add Irish whiskey for a combo)


Kids Brunch Menu

French Toast – Single slice of our Great Big French Toast

Kids Breakfast Tots – Half-order of tots covered in cheddar and bacon

Kids Mac n’ Cheese – Smaller portion of the classic

Tenders n’ Eggs – Two house-battered chicken tenders and a side of scrambled egg

Side of Scrambled Egg -fluffy scrambled eggs

Kids Brunch Drinks:

Shirley Temple

Hot Chocolate

Juice Box (Honest Kids)